Counseling Safety is always important, but now the need has       

                                                                              increased significantly due to increased competition, corporate  

                                                                              wars caused by the desire to redistribute the spheres of influence

                                                                              and the largest consumer markets.

                                                                              In 2009, only in Moscow opened more than 50 criminal cases of

                                                                              raider attacks. The number of such offenses as compared to    

                                                                              2003 increased by 5 times.
                                                                              In such circumstances, companies need to strengthen the 

                                                                              physical and technical protection, high-quality legal support, as 

                                                                              well as effective personal safety.
                                                                              Giving expert evaluation Security agency "Index Security" is   

                                                                              considering this service as an opportunity to provide customers 

                                                                              with quality information support, which will identify existing 

                                                                              risks and choose the range of security services that can prevent 

                                                                              As our customer you do not have to go to different companies to create a comprehensive system of protection. We provide a full range of services in the field of security, which includes not only the physical protection, but also legal support, as well as recommend the company for installation and maintenance of technical protection.
        Audit of personal safety and the risks associated with the customer's business, carried out by experts in the particular field of security or project team, which includes analysts, lawyers, representatives of the technical service department heads Protection and other experts. Its results are used to justify the concept of comprehensive security, during which produces an optimal solution that will solve your problems with minimal cost.

Ensuring your safety, we will:
    help create an effective integrated system of protection of any complexity;
    identify weaknesses in the existing system of protection and choose the best ways to address them;
    provide professional support for technical re-equipment protection system, will recommend compatible access   control and video surveillance;

         A qualitative legal advice on any situation;
    train your staff, technical service system security of the protected object;
    conduct an independent examination and give a realistic estimate of the protection system;
    to give you a personal adviser on security;

    developed on the basis of audit data "Material Safety Data Sheet", which reflected the readiness for  

    emergency situations, evaluate the effectiveness of existing security systems.
        Creating peace and stability

We advise on all matters relating to the protection of objects, business and personal safety. Our specialists are ready to professionally and thoroughly examine all the risks associated with you, provide sound recommendations.
        By contacting us, you will get a simple and transparent scheme of cooperation, if desired - advice on security on an ongoing basis.
        Their main task as we see it, to build a powerful, efficient, yet simple security system that takes into account all of the factors and risks.


Of course this is not a complete list of our capabilities, approach to each of you is individual!

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